About us

Who we are

ITALY IS BEAUTIFUL is a brand of Ezeta Consulting, an Italian real estate marketing company.

What we do

WE OFFER HOUSES FOR SALE IN ITALY to overseas. Properties of different types: apartments in seaside resorts or ancient villages, houses in the hills, villas with swimming pool and historical residences.
We collaborate with many real estate agencies and this allows us to offer for sale houses located in very different regions.

Contact us and tell us what kind of house you are looking for

We are not just a website. We want to help you find the perfect home for you, taking into account your needs and your budget.Contact us and tell us what kind of home you'd like to buy.

Houses for 1 euro? No, but we have many properties under 100,000 euros

On our site you can find many properties under 100,000 euros. Enter the Italian Regions section and filter the amount you want.

How to buy a property in Italy as a foreigner

Can all foreigners buy properties in Italy? What are the additional costs, taxes, at the time of purchase? And what taxes must be paid each year? Contact us, let's talk about it together.

And finally... 4+1 good reasons to buy a house in Italy

  1. Your holiday by the sea or in the hills in a house of your own
  2. Are you retired? Working from home? Enjoy Italy for a long time!
  3. A great investment: you can rent it out when you're away
  4. Sun and warmth (almost) all year round!
  5. It's amazing how so much beauty is concentrated in such a small space all at once: natural, historical and artistic beauty. People are friendly and ... the Italian food? Tasted on the spot is even better.

Italy is beautiful. We are waiting for you. Contact us!